SVTV Network (Strong Voices Television): Everything you need to know!

Here's everything you need to know about the SVTV Network (Strong Voices Television).

SVTV Network, which stands for Strong Voices Television, is an LGBTQ SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) streaming service that lets you watch a growing library of LGBTQ digital media including movies, documentaries, and series for a single reoccurring monthly price. Subscribers can use the service on practically any device that has a screen, including phones, tablets, and some set-top boxes.

Here's everything you need to know to get started with the SVTV Network.

Q1: What is SVTV Network?

Strong Voices Television (SVTV Network) the SVOD platform offers a diverse grouping of content geared towards different spectrums of the rainbow. Content covers various genres of digital media created for and by creators in the LGBTQ community and its allies. The network’s digital library is rapidly growing with licensing and production of diverse digital media including series, movies, documentaries, podcast, music, reality series, short films, news, sports, live streaming events, and soon to include LGBTQ animation.

Digital media is defined by the SVTV Network as videos, movies, film, podcasts, music, and video games, from creatives of the LGBTQIA community, its advocates and allies.

Whether you are gay, straight, or indifferent, the SVTV Network provides a platform for a community of filmmakers, and digital creatives to be seen, and allow their Strong Voices to be heard! A community where fans, followers, and influencers can see the works of their favorites, and find new creators to support who look just like them from around the world!

Q2: What does the 3 day FREE TRIAL include?

Give us a try, for FREE! When you subscribe to the SVTV Network, we give you a chance to test out the platform, watch some of the LGBTQ content available on the platform. You will be billed after the 3 day trial expires. If you don’t like what the SVTV Network has to offer, you can cancel at anytime.

Q3: How much does SVTV Network cost?

SVTV Network currently has three streaming plans available for our subscribers. The first, available for $5.99 reoccurring per month, $29.99 plan, which lets you subscribe for a six month period, or $49.99 onetime fee for a full year subscription.

Q4: How do I cancel my subscription?

Once you become a subscriber to the platform, you will have access to your personal billing and account profile. If you want to cancel, simply login to your account and access your billing profile, there you will see the option to cancel your subscription. This is a systematic way to cancel your account and more efficient than emailing our support team.

Q5:What kind of shows and movies can I find on SVTV Network?

The network’s digital library is rapidly growing and covers LGBTQ genres including series, movies, documentaries, podcast, music, reality series, short films, news, sports, live streaming events, and soon to include LGBTQ animation. In addition, the network strives to produce its own original series and content, including its recent hit original series “Stud Model Project”. Future projects are slated over the remaining months of 2019. The network blog, is also a means to communicate our lives, our stories, our way, and reach our target demographics within the LGBTQ community.

Q6: Does SVTV Network offer new episodes of a show's current season while it's still airing?

SVTV Network adds single episodes of series on a bi-weekly basis, instead of waiting until a show's season has concluded before releasing it onto the platform. With current content, the company is experimenting with releasing full seasons at one time.

Q7: How can I get my content on the SVTV Network or pitch an idea?

The SVTV Network is always open for pitches and collaborations with LGBTQ content creators and allies. Content submissions should be submitted via email to . When submitting or pitching please include link to trailer and a synopsis of the content being submitted. Once processed by our creative team, we will reply if further details and a conference call would be needed by the creative team.