About SVTV Network

Representation matters! Strong Voices Television (SVTV Network) is changing the world of LGBTQ+ media by championing the underrepresented in the entire LGBTQ community. We are a digital streaming media company created to amplify the voices of all Queer storytellers in television, film, sports, advocacy, and beyond.

More than just an SVOD platform, SVTV Network is a purposeful, mission-driven outlet. We are a movement dedicated to maximizing inclusion, telling our lives, our stories, our way, on one network. The entertainment world has shown some close-ups of our community. But SVTV Network pulls back the camera to present the rich and authentic diversity of all our lives.

SVTV Network’s high-quality and truly unique programming offers realistic representations of the challenges we all face and the joys we celebrate. We are main characters, we are all-LGBTQ casts, and we are the faces of our whole community. We work to ensure that no story will be left behind or dismissed by mainstream media.

Whether you are queer, straight, or indifferent, the SVTV Network provides a platform for filmmakers and storytellers to be seen and for their Strong Voices to be heard! We are a community where fans, followers, and influencers can see the works from their favorites, find new creators to support, and ultimately feel seen by enjoying stories featuring people who look just like them from around the world.

Our movement was created to educate, entertain, and inspire through diversity, inclusion, and growth. Join the Strong Voices Movement!

Our Mission

Our mission at SVTV Network is to become the premier platform for all LGBTQ+ representation in digital media.

We will accomplish this by creating, licensing, and distributing quality LGBTQ-focused entertainment and sports programming that will engage subscribers while giving voice to all members of our community.

SVTV Network is committed to reducing the adverse impacts of longtime, negative depictions of our community in media by instilling equality in all of our TV, film, digital media, and sports productions. SVTV Network offers accurate representations of our lives, our stories, our way on one network.

A major part of our overall mission is to provide support and philanthropy through various events, partnerships, and campaigns to give back to the community we serve via education and representation.

Our Culture & Core Values

Our culture is built on the foundation of hard work from a dedicated team. Teamwork truly makes the dream work! Our high-energy organization has created momentum and an atmosphere where anything is possible. Through collaborations, partnerships, and education, we champion the underrepresented in the entire LGBTQ community.

Our core values are on display when we raise our rainbow team flag. Our team mission is to strive to be C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N.S., short for our values:

C - Creativity is at the heart of our mission. We value the creative minds of the LGBTQ+ community, our team, and advisors to assist the SVTV Network to better serve our community, stakeholders, and partners.

H - Harmonious means working together well, conforming ideas to help push the mission forward for the platform and the community it serves.

A - Audacious reflects on how LGBTQ+ history is filled with audacious members of the community. We continue to carry the torch by being bold and daring in our mission for representation.

M - Motivational represents how we encourage each team member to focus on the mission at hand, uplift our community through service, and amplify their voices by telling our lives, our stories, our way.

P - Passionate relates to expressing our drive and perseverance to achieve the goals we set, and our support and advocacy for our community.

I – Impactful means leaving our mark and shaping the narrative of the LGBTQ Community in digital media. Being genuinely helpful and making deeper connections to change the lives of a marginalized community by telling our lives, our stories, our way.

O - Oomph describes how we add pizzazz and positive energy to our cause and mission.

N - Nurturing translates to providing care and support for one another and the community we serve.

S - Selflessness is defined by working for and toward the bigger mission, and bigger picture of representation and equality.

Show your team spirit as we reshape and expand the narrative about LGBTQ+ people in film, television, sports, animation, digital media, advocacy, and beyond. Become a team member as a subscriber, supporter, and advocate for the SVTV Network mission and the community we serve.

At SVTV Network, we are CHAMPIONS! We champion for our entire community. We champion for our team. We champion for our mission of representation!

Join the Movement, become a CHAMPION!

About Us

About Us