About SVTV Network

The SVTV Network is changing the world of online television, digital media, & entertainment within the LGBTQIA community, its allies, and advocates. SVTV Network (noun): Strong Voices Television, the VOD, digital distribution network, created to serve the underrepresented LGBTQIA community, its allies & advocates in film, television, and digital media. More than just a VOD platform but a purposeful, mission driven community, dedicated to educate, entertain, and inspire!

Digital media is defined by the SVTV Network as videos, movies, film, podcasts, music, books, magazines, software, and video games, from creatives of the LGBTQIA community, its advocates and allies.

Whether you are gay, straight, or indifferent, the SVTV Network provides a platform for a community of filmmakers, and digital creatives to be seen, and allow their Strong Voices to be heard! A community where fans, followers, and influencers can see the works of their favorites, and find new creators to support who look just like them from around the world!

SVTV Network officially launched it’s on demand network in the Fall of 2016 as a website and app combination, allowing viewers to watch our lives, our stories, our way, on demand and on the go. Since then, the network has grown into a digital media distributor serving the LGBTQIA community, its allies and advocates. A movement is upon us, one created to educate, entertain, and inspire through diversity, inclusion, and growth. Join the Strong Voices Movement!


Our mission here at the SVTV Network is to educate, entertain, and inspire a community of creatives, its supporters, and followers by providing a media outlet for independent and established creatives who are otherwise unseen and unheard. This allows creatives to tell their lives, their stories, their way! With the delivery of digital media including series, movies, film, podcasts, live streaming, digital books, music and more, The SVTV Network is here to create a movement for Strong Voices in digital media and a community to be seen, represented, and heard!

Join us as we lead the way in helping the community shape the narrative in digital media. Our mission is to be an outlet which galvanizes others to create a cultural change for the LGBTQIA community, its allies and advocates of their portrayal and equal opportunities in film, television, and all forms of digital media.

Part of our mission is to provide support and philanthropy through various events, partnerships and campaigns to give back to the community through education and the monetization of their creative works. All the effort, money, work, and creativity that creatives put into their projects can now be highlighted and distributed through a platform that serves the LGBTQIA community and those who support it.

Join the movement today as we carry the torch with a mission to bring equality to digital media through partnerships, collaborations, advocacy, and representation in digital media.


Oh what a feeling here at the SVTV Network. The energy is high among the organization and its staff and supporters. A rebirth of a purposeful mission has brought new growth and opportunities to the platform, and we are excited!

The team assembled to galvanize behind the networks mission has created a forward motion and atmosphere. The collaborations and partnerships that have been developed have taken the growing network to new levels. Through education and partnerships, we are helping to change the narrative of a community and the network.

As the platform moves forward and the outpouring of support, our renewed energy has become contagious, and we are loving it!

Become a part of the positive vibe as we move forward to support the mission of shaping the narrative of the LGBTQIA community in film and digital media. Become a subscriber, supporter, and advocate for the mission of the SVTV Network and the community it serves.

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